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Projects I designed. Some of these I produced and installed as well.

Business Card – Lively’s Way BBQ

Here I have created a card for Sam Lively to pass out to his customers that features the Catering side of his business. Keeping with his Brand colors will help his recognition. I have also added a QR Code that directs to his interactive menu and contact info.

Menu – Lively’s Way BBQ

This is a menu that Sam has posted at his trailer. He wanted the ability to change his pricing as needed, so I left the price areas blank and he had it covered with a dry-erase laminate. We’ve made sure his QR Code is available and will take the viewer to a duplicate of this menu with his current pricing.

Truck Graphics – Lively’s Way BBQ

Here we have matched the theme of his trailer to some simple and easy to read vehicle graphics. Making sure to display his QR Code and other forms of contact.

Holiday Menu – Lively’s Way BBQ

This was a special menu for his Christmas & New Years events. It was originally designed as a flyer, but he also had the size increase and had it printed on a larger material for display on location.

Sign – Cowlick Salon

This fun little design was for a local Hair Salon. Working directly with the owner, Christy Payne, we found all the elements that she had envisioned. This included breaking apart and adjusting the flower graphics and adding the tongue to her cow.

Vinyl Graphics – BC Bail Bonds

I’ve always liked a beige vinyl on burgandy vehicles. And so did Becca. The back window was a bit cramped, but we found a way. I was also able to produce this graphic. And I installed it for her in a Wal-Mart parking lot(not suggested lol).

Sign – Charlie’s Barber Shop

Keeping it simple is always best when a sign must be read while traveling down the road. And Charlie let me do just that. Although, back then, building the “barber pole” was a bit of a challenge since I was still just learning.

Sign – Margarita Island

This was the first sign I had full freedom with. I was given a bar napkin to show their theme, but since it was full color and I could only work with spot color vinyl I had to revamp it just a bit(quite a bit actually). I am happy to say this sign is still up at their very successful bar & grill.

Vinyl Grapics – Southmoore Sabercats

Back in the day I had a co-worker with son in sports. While the mascot image in not my creation, I was able to give him a way to proudly support his star athlete with this fun layout.

Sign – Street Wise Customs

This was a fun little layout for a custom car shop. Normally the use of so many different letter styles is frowned upon. But when you’re helping car club guys, you either go flashy or go home. Besides, this was just a small sign in front of their work bay so most viewers were right in front of it while reading.

Logo – Milestone Assurance

When we first started out we had planned for a full service business solutions company. It is still a part of our Brand.

Logo – Bookkeeper with Benefits

To get us started, my wife niched down into bookkeeping sevices. She and I worked together to come up with a logo as fun as she was.

Business Cards – Bookkeeper with Benefits

Keeping the cards simple, fun & branded with her logo.

Fun Fact: My work is one of her Benefits laughing

Logo – FreezyFina

This Logo was created for Shanna with colors she had chosen to represent her freeze dried candy business. Fun, but still easy to read will help her visibility and recognition.

Nutrition Label – Sammy’s Famous Beef Jerky

The Values were created off of a Database then the label was adjusted slightly to be printed on Roll Labels for easy storage and use.

Coroplast Yard Signs – Maddogs Bait N More

Created from a client provided flyer. Set up for readability as a Yard Sign to be placed at intersections around the Bait Shop.

Logo for Apparel- KG Lady Superstars

Created by request of star shape, colors and text placement. 

Vehicle Magnets – Heavenly Delights by Michael

Base logo provided by Michael.  Updated the original cookie center to an ice-cream sandwich to advertise his “cool treats”. Added Social Media, fish and contact # for orders/delivery.

Banner – Maddogs Bait N More

Fish provided by Darold. Added some gradients, drop shadow and outlines to help the text stand out on the “water scene” background.



This collection is of graphics that I rebuilt as Vector Art from the likes of Business Cards or Low Resolution Images.

Vinyl Graphics – Office Building

All of these logos were provided to me by way of Business Cards. In the beginning of my journey I had learned how to build graphics, but hadn’t yet learned how to ask for the proper files. These were scanned in and rebuilt for production as cut vinyl.

Logo Rebuild from jpg

TJ and his Basketball Camp partner were only able to find a low resolution black & white jpg of their logo. We rebuilt it as a vector image so we could include color and Brand it for their women’s league.


Production & Install

Sometimes the graphics are already ready already, and the only thing left to do is just go get your hands dirty.

I handled the production &/or helped with installation in this group.

Vinyl Graphics on Colored Flex-Face

The production crew mounted the yellow face to the sign frame. It was then my job to eradicate the yellow from any areas that would need other color. I then cut and applied the vinyl to produce the overall look.

Vinyl Graphics on White Flex-Face

Even when working with a plain white background the project can be daunting. This project was completed by lining up several “panels” of cut vinyl and matching them with the one before. Appying cut vinyl to such a large surface and making it look like one piece can be a challenge. Fun, but a challenge.


Vinyl Graphics on Custom Shape

Sometimes a location has an existing frame. Sometimes that existing frame is a custom shape and you have to find a way to fit the new graphics in.

 Not having a template, I had to photograph the sign face and do the layout on the image.

Vinyl Graphics on Push Through Acrylic

When creating a push through acrylic sign you must make sure the openings in the face match the acrylic that you’re pushing through. This was a very fun project, and I had my hands on a lot of the cuts in the face and the acrylic. These were all hand cut.

Vinyl Graphics on Custom Cut Foam & Lit Channel Letters

These graphic’s shapes were cut from a sign foam and painted with an outdoor acrylic paint. I then cut & applied spot color vinyl graphics to each area. 

Vinyl Graphics on Colored Flex Face

This was another that came to me as an all yellow background. I removed the yellow where needed and applied the vinyl. 

Eradicated White Text & Vinyl Graphics on Colored Flex Face

Custom shaped frames can be a challenge during layout but when you get it right it sure does look good. 

Blockout Vinyl with Printed Graphic Overlay

I was given the opportunity to help my favorite former boss by being a 2nd set of hands on his install crew.
It’s good to keep the basic skills honed. Though it was a little rough on this old desk jockey’s body the next morning. 🤣

Blockout Vinyl Installed on Interior (2nd Surface)

I was once again given the opportunity to help my favorite former boss by being a 2nd set of hands on his install crew.
I still love getting out and doing the parts that I can see and show.

Reflective Vinyl – Layout & Install

I handled the layout and Sam had a local Company do the production for this red and white reflective vinyl. Then I handled the install. 


QR Codes

Connecting the World, One QR Code at a time.

Interactive Menu – Lively’s Way BBQ

This QR Code directs it viewers to Sam’s up-to-date menu. Complete with links for contact and item images.

Website – Mine!

A website is probably one of the easiest QR links. However, they can be directed to Social Media, Audio, Video Coupons and More.

There is also a multitude of custom appearances that we can create.

Website – Bookkeeper with Benefits

A custom frame and colors helps Crystal keep her Brand Identity between her Code and Website for easier recognition.

QR Codes also offer analytics such as: Scans Over Time, By Operating System, Top Countries & Top Cities.

Website – FreezyFina

Keeping with Brand Colors and rounding the edges to fit within Shanna’s Candy Shop, this QR Code will take her customers straight to her online shop. 

This Code has been produced on a T-Shirt and will be put on all packaging labels.

Social Media – Lively’s Way

Using Brand colors in the Code and adding a “Bun” frame helps with visiual identity.

This Code was placed on Product Labels for Sammy’s Famous Beef Jerky and directs to his Social Media page for all of his products & services.



A company website plays a crucial role in today’s digital age. It serves as the online face and virtual storefront of the organization.

Website Sample – Bookkeeper with Benefits

The “Bookkeeper with Benefits” website design features a clean and intuitive interface.
Showcasing its comprehensive bookkeeping services with a touch of sophistication.
Vibrant , sleek , and engaging layout creates a professional but approachable platform.

Website Sample – FreezyFina

“FreezyFina” is a visually stunning website design featuring a clean and modern aesthetic.

It has a cool color palette and sleek layout. This helps capture the essence of a refreshing and user-friendly experience.

Website Sample – Milestones Insurance

The website design for “Milestones Insurance” exudes a sleek and modern aesthetic, featuring a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation.

With its clean layout, vibrant color scheme, and carefully curated imagery, it effortlessly conveys trust, reliability, and innovation in the insurance industry.

Website Sample – Range of Vision

The “Range of Vision” website design features a sleek and minimalist interface. Stunning visuals & immersive imagery.

Its intuitive navigation and responsive layout ensure a seamless user experience.

Inviting visitors to explore a diverse range of visual content.


Mock Logos

Need inspiration for your Logo? Want us to edit one of these for your specific needs?

Plumbing Company


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